Monday, February 2, 2015

Quality Time

Cody is going to be leaving for Alaska sooner than I am.  We've been trying to make the most of our time together before he leaves.  This means that all of our free time is being spent trying to squeeze in a little quality time.  We've been cooking meals (breakfast, lunch, AND dinner), hiking, snowshoeing, snuggling on the couch.  All of our time is spent together these days.

It's been bittersweet.  I love spending so much time together.  I don't love that it means we will be spending the next several months apart.  I know that it is a means to an end.  Cody going to Juneau early means that we have the financial stability to move back to Alaska.  It means we will have a house secured.  It means that we will be settled.  It means things will be easier in the long run.

Until he leaves we will continue to pack in as much fun as possible together.  Enjoy the pictures while they last.  I have a feeling that Netflix binges will rule my life once he leaves…and nobody needs to see a picture of that.  Hah.

Your turn…Have you ever spent any significant time away from your spouse?

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  1. We moved to Alaska in 2014. Jeff left on July 10th. I didn't see him again until September 20th.

    I am still very sad to think about those long days/weeks/months without my honey.

    And even though the time apart was so hard, I think that it helped us through the transition to being 3200 miles away from everyone and everything we knew.

    You're right, Alaska gets into your soul.

    1. It's so nice to hear from another Alaska transplant who has been through the weird transition! Any tips or tricks? I think for me it will be strange because Cody is going back to our home, while I am stuck so far away from our house, friends, etc.

      Thanks for stopping by! I've been really enjoying your blog!


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