Thursday, February 12, 2015

Specks Update

Some of you may know that our doggy, Specks, has been suffering from an unknown illness. He started getting sick in August and has been battling it ever since.  His symptoms were chronic ear infections and itchy skin.  It took us months and a ton of trial and error.  Finally, we did a huge blood panel test on him and it came back with some surprising results.

Specks is allergic to human dander, maple trees, oak trees, various types of grasses and weeds, dust, beef, venison, lamb, rice, oats, barley, corn, and soybeans.  Seriously.  Somehow all of these crazy allergies just showed up in the last six months.  He is now on a special diet and will be getting a monthly shot.  I'm going to learn to give him the shots at home to make things easier on him.

I feel bad that he suddenly has this crummy health problem.  Thankfully, it is totally treatable and as long as we are careful about what he gets into he won't have any real issues.  I'm so glad that we've finally gotten to the bottom of the health scare.  Specks is such a huge, lovable part of our family.  He really is like a child to Cody and I.  We are so happy to have a treatable solution to his health issues.  Specks is very loved :)

Your turn…Do you have a pet?  Tell me about him/her!

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  1. I can totally relate. I have 3 ferrets for 7 years now and have them since they were 9weeks old. They are a big part of my family and I totally understand that you feel like Specks is like a child to you both. :) I hope the special diet will help Specks soon and will show some great results

    1. Thanks, Simone! Pets become such an integral part of your family. Specks has been on his new diet for about 2 weeks and is showing great improvement! :)


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