Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Things To Do In Juneau: Skaters Cabin

Skaters Cabin is a beautiful recreational area on Mendenhall Lake, located in the northern part of Juneau.  It is a beautiful picnic area with beach access, a picnic shelter, fire pits, hiking/skiing trails, and easy accessibility to the Ice Cave Trail (takes you underneath Mendenhall Glacier).  Cody and I have spent time here on a few occasions, and with the warm weather this weekend we just couldn't resist taking our grill out here for a fun cookout with friends.

The weather was PERFECT.  It was sunny and in the low 40's for the whole afternoon.  We spent about three hours outside there and had a blast.  Specks came too and had a fun time tearing around with the other dogs that hiked by with their owners.  We had the beach to ourselves for the most part.  Hikers and skiers occasionally wandered by (trails pass right behind the shelter).  But, most of them had dogs with them so Specks was in doggy play-date heaven.

Skaters Cabin is a fun place to visit for any of these activities.  It also offers some stunning views of Mendenhall Glacier.  You can view the glacier from the much closer Nugget Falls trail, but the NF trail is always packed with people (during the summer entire tour buses drop off there).  Skaters Cabin may not offer as up close and personal views, but there are seldom other people there and the views can be enjoyed while cooking, hiking, or swimming during the summer.  It's a pretty perfect spot :)

Do you take your doggy hiking/skiing with you?
Where is your favorite outdoor cooking location?

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