Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Seasons of Juneau

Cody and I have officially lived in Juneau through every season! We've been enjoying Alaska and all that it has to offer for an entire year.  Thinking back over the last year makes me feel a wide variety of emotions.  I am happy to be living my dreams in this incredible locale but I am also nostalgic for home occasionally and I miss my family pretty regularly.  But, being in nature and living in Alaska has opened so many doors for me both professionally and personally...I can't imagine leaving.  So, here we will stay (at least for another year).  Who knows where the world will take us next but I'd like to think that we will love it just as much as we do Juneau.  To pay a little homage to my beautiful home I wanted to show off a picture (as taken from my yard) of every season in this lovely city. Enjoy :)

The winter was bitterly cold and snowy! Cody and I hadn't ever endured such a long winter  (I am told by locals it was fairly mild).  The views were spectacular though.  Neither of us could imagine anything more beautiful than the snow on the mountains.  It was definitely a white Christmas for us.
Spring rolled around…late! This picture is from mid-Spring and happened to be one of the weeks when there wasn't snow (it had rained a ton and been in the 40's).  Realistically, we saw snow until the beginning of May.  This just happened to be a lucky (and beautiful) day!

Summer was long, hot, and incredible.  This was the warmest and driest summer Juneau had experienced in over twenty years.  It was in the 80's for weeks at a time and we didn't see rain for almost an entire month, which is quite the feat when you live in a rainforest.  It was the most incredible weather I have ever experienced.

Fall finally hit us in September.  The temperatures changed very quickly and the rain clouds rolled in to town.  I've never seen so much fog in my life (nor heard quite so many fog horns).  The tourists set sail and the town quieted considerably.  Fall has been beautiful thus far.  The leaves don't change quite as much as they do in the Midwest.  But, watching the snow creep down the mountains is pretty incredible in its own way.

Life in Juneau is pretty great right now.  I think we'll call this place home a little bit longer :)

Where is you favorite place you've ever lived?
What did you love about it? 


  1. Such beautiful photos! I've always wanted to visit Alaska--maybe in the summer. :) Because a summer where being in the 80s is considered hot sounds incredible to me!

    1. Summer was amazing! I was in heaven after living somewhere my entire life where temps in the 100's were normal. Oh, and late July is totally the perfect time to visit :) Warm temps, warm water, and the annual salmon-run is just beginning to happen.


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