Saturday, September 14, 2013

First Weeks of School

The 2013-2014 school year is officially underway! (For those of you just tuning in: I teach pre-k in a collaboration program between the tribe and the public school.)  I've been back at work for three weeks and I have had students for two weeks.  The days are certainly busy but I am having fun learning about my new, wonderful class of pre-k kiddos. I teach both a morning and afternoon session so I am learning about 32 new personalities as the school year begins and progresses.  Preschool really is the most fun "grade"!

Bench seats under the magnetic board in my classroom. 
Bulletin boards have been hung, sign-in is happening with ease, and we are happy as clams here in our little classroom.

The beginning of the year always brings about a unique set of challenges as you learn about new students, families, curriculums, and assessments.  The year is already going smoothly though and after we work out a few more kinks I anticipate the classroom will become a well-oiled machine…well, as well-oiled as any machine run by a group of pre-k students (haha).

Until then, we are enjoying our lasts gasps of summer/autumn.  The views from the playground and my classroom are spectacular.  We can even hear the fog horns blaring from the giant ships in Gastineau Channel.  The kids love it.  I'd say we are off to a successful start :)

Teachers: How is the new school year going?!
Everyone else: What do you love about the back-to-school time of year? 

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