Thursday, May 23, 2013

My First Pinterest Craft

I am one of those people.  The kind that pin 10,000 DIY projects on Pinterest.  So, I decided to finally commit to a project and test it out.  I always see people completing these awesome home projects, homemade gifts, stylish clothing designs, etc.  I can be one of those people, right?? Right!

So, I figured that there was no better craft to start with than some end of the year homemade gifts for my fellow teachers! I made pots of Brown Sugar &Vanilla Hand Scrub.  You can check out where I got the initial idea from here (the website linked with my original pin).  But, below is the recipe that I used.  Just mix everything together, scoop it into sealable pots, and voila! It turned out awesome and my fellow teachers love it!

2cups Brown Sugar
1cup Sugar
4tbs Olive Oil
Dash of Vanilla (adjust to your desired scent)
Hint of Lemon Juice (literally like three drops)

Step 1: Mixing all of the ingredients together. 

Step 2: Pour into jars (and take cute pictures). 

Step 3: Add a pretty bow and enjoy :) 

Do you use Pinterest? 
If so, do you ever make crafts from Pinterest? 

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