Friday, May 3, 2013

Alaskan Awesomeness

Alaska is awesome.  Let's just all agree on that upfront.  But, here are three (of many) things that I love about the 49th state….

1.)  The local berries.  We have a blueberry bush just growing wildly by our front door.  And, there are a plethora of wild (edible) berries growing everywhere.  Free, organic food?  Sign this girl up!  Our berries aren't growing yet, but I am getting a jump on eating some store-bought goodies in preparation.

2.)  The wildlife.  Bear prints in the yard, sea otters playing in the channel, and starfish washed ashore.  We see so much unique wildlife each day.  Check out this gorgeous starfish that Cody found out at Auke Rec.

3.) The views.  We are in heart of the Tongass National Forest (a rainforest) and we are surrounded by snow-capped mountains.  This awesome view is from my house.  I stood on my front porch to take it about two months ago.  The beauty that is available in my own yard amazes me.

 Alaska is amazing.  If you haven't ever been, you need to put it on your bucket list.  Trust me :)

Have you even been to Alaska?  
If not, would you visit? 

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