Monday, May 6, 2013

Hunting Starfish

This weekend I had one goal: find and take pictures of as many starfish as possible. Lets rewind to Tuesday.  Cody's kindergarten class took a trip to the beach and he saw a TON of starfish.  Not to mention, he saw otters, sea lions, anemones, and bunches of other awesome stuff.  So, both days this weekend we packed up the car and headed out to the beach.

We spent about two hours hiking and traversing this rough terrain on both days.  It was quite the leg workout! Totally worth it for the scenery!

Sadly, I never saw a single starfish!! I really didn't SEA much of anything (play on words-gosh I am funny).  There were literally billions of clams and mussels (and a few of them spit water at me).  I saw one cute urchin but that was about it. **Pardon the crummy picture.  I was terrified of dropping my phone in the water!

I think the rainy weather may have hindered our wildlife viewing.   Both trips were incredibly fun but I did leave feeling the teensiest bit disappointed that I didn't see anything new and exciting.  Fingers crossed that the next time we go it is a sunny day and the wildlife is on display! I can't complain toooo much though because it was lots of fun, the sights were gorgeous, and I got to spend time with this wonderful guy :)

Have you ever held a starfish?
What are your favorite sea critters?

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