Friday, September 4, 2015

A Few Days on the Island

Cody and I headed up to the island for a few days this week.  We are back at my parents house in SW Michigan right now…packing…ugh.

Our flights (over and back) were very smooth and scenic.  I always love watching the island pop into my line of vision as we cruise the 30+ miles over Lake Michigan.

We stayed at the Erin Motel, which is just a little spot on the main drag.  It's fairly cheap ($75/night) and you have waterfront access.  We are moving back into our old house, but our landlords were there staying for the week.  Looks like we will be officially moving back into our old house on Saturday.  I've missed our little house in the big woods, so I am feeling pretty excited to get back home.

Your turn…What is your ideal house like?
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  1. My ideal house has a wilderness right outside the door. Doesn't matter what's inside (as long as it's cozy and warm), it just needs to have a big woods or an ocean or a long stretch of desert to ramble in, and be out of the way of most folks.


    1. That sounds like my ideal place too! Our current house is a little cabin, tucked deep in the trees. I love the seclusion :)


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