Friday, February 7, 2014

Five Things Friday

There have been a lot of random thoughts floating around in my head lately! I've been struggling to compile them all into one (or more) blog posts.  So, today I stole "Five Things Friday" from many of my favorite bloggers and just wrote a blurb about each.  Some of the topics I intend to go into more detail about later on, but for now this will do.  Life has been crazy-busy the last few weeks.  But, I am glad to have a day to catch up on life.  So, here it goes...

1.) Does anybody else do this? I've been stuck in bed with a back injury the last two days and I've been living on these snack plates.  Fruit, cheese, pretzels, and yogurt.  Delicious!

2.) Also, I've become obsessed with Sons of Anarchy. This show has been my BFF while laid up in bed.  I'm obsessed with the Teller family and all of their life drama. It has all the makings of a great show: plot twists, gorgeous bikers (hah), and action.  I need a motorcycle and a leather jacket. Stat.

Photo courtesy of Google Images
3.) The weather has been just BEAUTIFUL lately.  We are back to having some pretty chilly days (between 10°-20°) but the sun has been blazing in the sky.  It looks like we may end up with some snow in the forecast sometime in the latter part of the weekend.  But, we've been without any snow for about 6weeks so I can't complain too much.

4.) Cody and I are debating taking a honeymoon trip this summer.  We are thinking of taking 3weeks off of work and driving the Alcan Highway (Alaska-Canada). Our tentative plan involves driving from Haines, AK down through Canada and camping all along the way.  We've heard amazing things about the trip and had some friends drive it this summer.  Here's to hoping!

Photo courtesy of Budget Travel.
5.) I've finally gotten my cooking-groove back! I had been really against cooking for the last two months.  Normally I am an obsessive chef.  I love to cook at my house every day.  But, I somehow lost my mojo for cooking tasty meals this winter.  I think I am getting back in the groove of feeding myself healthy meals though.  Meal planning has really been my savior here!

Hope you all have a beautiful weekend! I know that I will!

1.) Have you ever seen SOA?  Did you enjoy it? 
2.) Have you ever taken a big road trip? Where did you go? 
3.) How has the weather been in your state lately? 


  1. Great post! Thanks for letting me know SOA is a good show. I've never watched it. Yes, roadtrip! I went with 2 gf from WY to Albuquerque, NM to go to Tim's Place (google it) It was great. Your trip sounds great! In WYO it has finally warmed up. It is about 30 now. Was 20 below about a week and a 1/2 ago! Thanks for the post.

    1. Thanks :) We went from IL to WA on a road trip last year and it was fantastic. How was exploring the SW? I've always wanted to explore New Mexico. Seems like such a neat and historical place. Glad to hear it's warming up there! It's doing the opposite here. Yikes!


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