Sunday, November 25, 2012

Snowy Birthdays

It is a snowy weekend here in Juneau.  We woke up to quite the coating this morning.  I slid my way to Home Depot to buy my Christmas tree (a real one of course)!  But, I am waiting until Cody has a day off from work to put it up.  So, I settled for enjoying a snow day today.  I made some hot coca, listened to Christmas tunes, stayed in my pajamas all day, Christmas shopped online, and played outside with Specks.  Here a couple pictures from our snowy day.
Specks frolicking in the snow! 

Rocking my cute Sorrel boots. 
Today is also a very special day…my dad's 60th birthday!! So, happy birthday to my wonderful father. I wish I could be with you in Illinois today.  Missing you lots!

Dad & I enjoying Christmas circa 1996. 

Dad & I playing my favorite game, Pretty Princess! 

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