Sunday, November 4, 2012

An Eventful, Rainy Weekend

Back home when it rains, life stops.  Everyone stays indoors and curls up with a book or a television show to wait the rain out.  But, here that's really not possible because it rains all the time (or snows lately).  Cody and I have been adjusting to living the rainy life.  This weekend we weren't going to let a little sogginess put a damper on making the most of our time together.

View of the mountains 11/02/12. 

The mountains during some heavy rain. 

On Saturday we woke up early and got around just in time to go pick up a new car! Well, a new car to us.  We bought a 1996 Toyota 4Runner for Cody to have to get around in.  He sold his car when we moved from Illinois and sharing a car was getting pretty difficult.  But, we weren't ready to make too big of a purchase yet so we bought quite the interesting ride.  On the bright side, it came equipped with snow tires!

Cody's class new ride. 

On Saturday we also opened an Alaskan bank account (WOO!) So, I can finally cash my paycheck on Monday.  Also, we checked out a restaurant/ bar called Hangar on the Wharf.  It was a neat little place that served just about anything you can imagine, including southern comfort food.  Very, very tasty food! Check the link out below.  It has the menu and a little information about the place.

Hangar on the Wharf

Finally, we made it to Sunday.  Sunday is a bittersweet day for me because it is very relaxing but I am always dreading the end of my weekend.  I try to make the most of it though.  So, Cody and I went to   the mall this morning and stocked up on rain gear and then took the puppy on a nice little hike.  We did some stuff around the house and then tucked in to a pizza from our new favorite pizza joint, Island Pub.

" The Big Cheese" has mozzarella, feta, bleu, provolone, and gouda cheeses!

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