Wednesday, September 12, 2012

One Month

Well, our bed is gone, our couch is gone, and our chairs are gone.  Essentially, it looks like we have been robbed.  We sleep on an air mattress on the floor and are eating the last cans of food that were forgotten in the backs of the cupboards.  But, we don’t mind because we only have one month left!

Exactly one month from now, Cody and I will be driving the first (shortest) leg of our trip from Southern Illinois to my parent’s house.  My parents live about five hours north of our current home.  So, we are staying there our first night and celebrating the move with my family before setting off on the real adventure. 

The nearness of the moving date is really starting to sink in.  Today and tomorrow we are boxing up everything that we will not be taking with us.  We are doing this because my parents will be in town and they have delightfully agreed to be our temporary pack mules.  Well, maybe not delightfully, but they agreed nonetheless.  So, our dishes, extra linens, spare furniture that remains unsold, and various odds and ends are leaving us forever (or until we rent a place big enough to hold all of our stuff). 

 I leave you all today with this beautiful picture of Cody.  He is enjoying the book The Road from our air mattress on the floor.  

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