Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Question of the day: Why is packing so difficult?

I wish I knew the answer to this one.  Ever since the month of August began I have been feeling the pressure to begin packing and getting prepared for the move.  The boxes and packing tape have been bought.  The purging has begun. October twelfth is only eight weeks away… but, I can’t seem to do anything!

I come home from hanging out with my kindergarteners and want to do absolutely nothing.  This may be because I am working seven days a week right now (five teaching kindergarten and two babysitting to make some extra $$ for the move).  So, I am a little exhausted. But, why can’t I get motivated?  I sincerely hope someone out there in cyber world has some good advice on this one because I can’t seem to start the process.  Or, I hope one of those people who “claim” to love me unconditionally will come to my house and start packing. 

If you would like to volunteer, please raise your hand.  Also, I am not above bribery for packing’s sake.  


  1. I will be there next month m'dear! (looks like Aunt Becky might be coming along as well!) :)


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