Saturday, September 10, 2016

Running in Bush Alaska

Prior to moving to Pilot Point, I had many predictions for how life would be this year. One thing I knew that I wanted to keep the same was my ability to exercise outdoors regularly.  Getting outside, preferably with the dogs, after work each night has always been my decompression time.  When we landed in Pilot Point I was excited to see that the town has decent gravel roads (2+ miles of which run in a perfect loop right outside my house). I've been happily getting outside after work most nights and taking advantage of the beauty and tranquility of walking around my little corner of Alaska.

While I've been happily going on these after-work outings alone, I was thrilled to get a call last week from Bristol Bay Health Corporation asking if our school would like to host a community color run/walk in Pilot Point. The run would take place on a Wednesday afternoon, following a health fair and raffle in the school gym. I quickly accepted, jumping at the chance to bring such a fun activity to the school.

The weather the day of the run was fairly crummy.  High winds and torrential downpours happened for the duration of the school day.  I was feeling disappointed that the run might get cancelled, and the kids were feeling it too. Luckily, right as the school day was ending, the weather cleared and the sun came out. The temperature hovered in the mid-50's and the breeze blew lightly. We ended up with a perfectly crisp fall day for the run.

Pilot Point is a tiny community, so we weren't sure how big of a turnout we would get, but we were pleasantly surprised.  All of the students and their families showed up, in addition to a handful of other residents. We probably ended up with 30 people total, which is a lot in a community of less than 70. We also had a handful of the village dogs tagalong with us.  All of the pups managed to get covered with colored powder, making for some funny animal sightings in the days following the race.

Participating in an organized color run was definitely not something that I ever would have predicted would be a part of our first month in bush Alaska.  I suppose you just never know what is going to happen out here though, and everyday is a new adventure.

Your turn...Have you ever participated in an organized race?
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