Friday, November 6, 2015

New Home Mishaps

The last two weeks have been full of accidents...natural disasters...acts of God...whatever you want to call them.  They haven't been good.  That I know for certain.

First, a rather large tree came crashing down on our house.  I happened to be alone in a dark bedroom, reading a spooky story when the tree crashed through the roof above my head.  It didn't make a hole in the bedroom ceiling (thankfully), but it did put two decent holes directly into the roof and it knocked off a piece of the siding. Cody and I rushed outside and saw the tree pieces littering the yard and roof.  Yikes.

We thought that we were in the clear.  That is, until a gigantic grouse (kind of like a small turkey) came crashing through the front picture window of our house.  Glass shards spanned three rooms of the house.  The poor dogs were stuck in it for hours before we noticed it.  Cody came home for lunch that day, but it still could have been up to three hours that they were alone in the house with glass and a gigantic, completely uninjured bird.  The bird was as big as Luna, our puppy.  It spent so much time in our house that it started to make a nest out of my new curtains that had been folded on the counter. The bird was caught in a large box and released.  The window is currently covered in plywood.

These two incidents happened mere days apart and nearly drove me to a heart attack. I'm hoping we've used up our quota of bad luck.  We are in serious need of a break from random acts of insanity. Both issues are being fixed this weekend.  Thank goodness for small miracles.

Your turn...What is the strangest thing that has happened to your house or apartment?
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