Thursday, July 17, 2014

Vegetarian Camping Meals

Our upcoming trip has required lots of planning.  One of the major planning aspects to a road trip, especially one lasting two weeks, is the meal planning.  Cody and I used lots of websites, personal experiences, and information passed on from other travelers to plan our meals.  This took some extra planning on my part due to my vegetarian lifestyle.  Many "easy" camp meals include meat.  We used these three links to help do a lot of our planning (link 1 link 2 link 3).  Check them out! You can also check out my list below.  Anything in italics is something that is NOT vegetarian and specifically packed for Cody. Feel free to throw in any "no-cook" suggestions! We still have one day before we depart on our ALCAN Highway adventure!

Breakfast Meals
·      Cereal
·      Almond Milk
·      Poptarts/Breakfast Bars
·      Granola
Lunch Meals
·      Bread
·      Cheese Slices
·      Salad Mix
·      Peanut Butter
·      Jelly
Dinner Meals
·      MRE’s
·      Turkey/Salmon Jerky
·      Instant Soup Mix
·      Crackers/ Pita and Hummus
·      Oranges
·      Apples
·      Mixed Nuts
·      Fruit Cups
·      Pro Bar’s
·      Sweet Potato Chips
·      V8 Juice
·      Green Tea
·      Instant Coffee
·      Non-Dairy Creamer
·      Water Jug

Do you have any other meal suggestions?
What is your favorite camping meal?

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