Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thursday Thoughts: 02/21/2013

Hola Readers!!

I am sharing my Thursday Thoughts, aka whatever I am thinking, with you this week.  It isn't anything too terribly interesting.  But, it is the basics of my little adventure here on the last frontier.

1.)  Weather in Alaska RULES compared to what my friends back home are dealing with.  My parents (Northern IL) are enjoying arctic temperatures while my college friends (Southern IL) are getting pelted with a snowstorm (insert evil laughter here).  I love being able to laugh about our 40F days and occasionally perfect winter weather while everyone down south is buried in snow.

This is from 6am…they are now buried in snow! Muhahaha.

2.)  I am loving Italian food right now.  I made Baked Veggie Ziti for dinner last night and I couldn't get enough of it so I ended up taking it as leftovers for lunch today.  Recipe to come!  In the meantime, enjoy some of these other great Italian food links that contributed to my creation.

Vegan Baked Ziti from
Awesome Vegan Baked Ziti from
Ooey-Gooey Baked Ziti from The"V"

3.) Is it Friday yet?? I am so ready for the weekend.  Cody and I are hoping to buy a new car this weekend and get in some good old fashioned hiking as well.  Enjoy this funny hiking picture from last weekend.

Cody "attempting" to climb this random ladder. 

4.) I got to play with Dudley the Dental Dinosaur today!! This beautiful dino-beast came to my school today to talk to my classes about good oral hygiene.  It was sooooo cute! The kids loved the dinosaur and the dental office that sponsored him brought free toothbrushes for all of the kiddos.  Fellow teachers, take advantage of local resources!

Dudley the Dino!
Enjoy the rest of your week friends! I shall return with recipes and weekend shenanigans this weekend!

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