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Springtime Hiking at Little Sand Bay

Last week, the weather turned warm for a few days and all of the snow melted.  It was the perfect little bit of relief from the long winter. The warm weather and sunny, blue skies were the perfect ingredients in my recipe for a little springtime hiking.  Accessing some of the trails on the island can be tricky in the winter because we have many seasonal-only roads.  Now that the snow is melted the island is our oyster for exploring.

Little Sand Bay Nature Preserve is one of my favorite hikes on the island. It walks through three very distinct ecosystems.  You start off walking through grassy fields with small brush and berry bushes, then the ground slopes downward and you hit a giant wall of trees. The forested section of the trail is also extremely swampy and the trees are so thick that it is significantly darker, and a bit fairy tale-ish.  Finally, you hit another slight hill and the woods open up to a bright, sandy beach.

The huge changes in the ecosystems are one of my favorite thi…

The Faux Day

School was cancelled one day this week because of a Faux Day (at least that's what I am calling it). As some of you may know, there are certain policies and laws in place in our public education system that call for 75% attendance in order to receive funding for the school day. In bigger schools, this would mean a huge number of students out for the day.  In our tiny school though we run the risk of losing funding for a very small number of absent students.  Unfortunately, with fourteen ill students on Monday, we hit that number. Small school problems.

The administration and school board made the decision to send us all home roughly fifteen minutes into the school day, which caused much grumbling among parents and staff, but much less grumbling among students.  This meant that Cody and I had suddenly found ourselves with a whole day to spend as we pleased.

We left school relatively soon after the students went home and we headed out to the one breakfast place in town for some tast…