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Springtime Hiking in Alaska

The weather is changing! The changes are tiny…and maybe imagined on my part.  But, the sun seems to be carrying a little bit more heat and the wind isn't quite so bitter.  Yes, the temps are still in the 30's but they are steadily inching towards that beautiful springtime range.

We took advantage of this tiny change and took our first "big" hike of the warm season.  We did an (almost) six hour adventure out at the end of Thane Road in Juneau. The road ends in Juneau in many all places.  Thane is no exception.  It is basically just another place in our beautiful town where civilization ends and the true wilderness begins.  Such a contrast to downtown Juneau that lies only a few miles away!

Anyways, we took off on a trail head and made the 3(ish) mile hike down to an isolated beach area. We went with five people and three dogs…quite the crew! And, we all packed in firewood (it's been very rainy so we were concerned about wet wood). When we reached the beach we unpa…


I celebrated my twenty-fourth birthday this week.  The day of my birth happened to fall over Spring Break so I got to hang out, relax, and generally just do whatever my heart desired.  Coincidentally, Cody and Specks also celebrated their birthdays this week.  It has been quite the exciting break.

As with every birthday though, I start to question things.  I don't know why birthdays do this to me! A billion questions ran through my head though on that day.  Should we stay in Juneau? Should we move on to another adventure? Should we finally start planning our wedding? Should I find part-time work over the summer? Do we have enough money saved for Cody to go back to school?

Geesh! My head was hurting.  Sometimes I get a little overzealous when thinking about the future.  This time I just tried to breathe and remind myself that sometimes I don't need to make those decisions.  Sometimes I just need to throw my ideas to the wind and hope that the right idea will make its way back …

Pros & Cons Of Living In Alaska

Alaska is still somewhat of a mystery to people in the Lower 48.  It isn't a typical vacation destination or a place that children grow up wishing they lived in.  With the surge of Alaska-affiliated reality shows over the last few years though the interest has really grown.  I've found that a lot of people are interested in our lifestyle up here.  I get asked a lot of questions both personally and through my blog about life in this beautiful state.  These questions are what inspired my post today.  So, without further adieu, here is my list of Alaskan pros and cons :)


1.) Outdoorsy Lifestyle: If you love the outdoors and don't mind braving the elements, you can really have a good time with recreational activities. Hiking, biking, fishing, skiing, camping, ice climbing, rock climbing, etc. There is never a shortage of outdoor activities (year round).  Hiking, climbing, and fishing have really shaped our personal lives, and helped us make really valuable connections with…

Mendenhall Glacier Ice Caves

Sometimes you get to experience something so spectacular that you know it will happen only once in your lifetime.  I experienced something like this while on a hike this week.  I took off hiking across a lake in Juneau and ended up inside of Mendenhall Glacier.

Mendenhall Lake, which the glacier sits on, is completely frozen right now.  This makes getting to the caverns underneath Mendenhall Glacier not only possible, but downright easy! The Glacier is accessible to hike to/in all year by hiking West Glacier Trail.  However, this trail isn't for the faint of heart, especially if you are not the most skilled hiker. The trail includes some steep climbs, slippery rocks, and it requires that you go off-trail to get to the ice caves.  It can also be quite dangerous to go inside the caves under the glacier due to the constantly melting ice.  Enter at your own risk!

With Mendenhall Lake frozen though, the glacier is accessible by hiking a mile across the lake, up the base of some rather …