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Canada, pizza, & crazy kiddos

Well, in an ode to my endeavors as a chef, I thought I would post a picture of our Sunday night dinner! Cheese & veggie pizza with a loaf of garlic bread (all homemade) were on the menu. We were in pizza heaven! A food coma quickly ensued in our household. So, we promptly tucked in for a marathon of Dexter.

In other, unrelated news my kindergarten class has a case of the silly-flu this week. Today, a little boy in my class winked at me and mouthed the words, “I love you.” I didn’t know five year olds had so much game with the ladies! But, they are all lovely and I am so happy to be back in the classroom with kids this age.

In news related to moving, I suck. There is still very little on the progress on the packing/moving preparation front. I have sold the couches and the dressers. But, neither has been picked up by their new owner yet so I am pretty much coasting in a state of normalcy. Cody and I did get our passports though. Canada, we will be seeing you soon. And…


Question of the day: Why is packing so difficult?
I wish I knew the answer to this one.Ever since the month of August began I have been feeling the pressure to begin packing and getting prepared for the move.The boxes and packing tape have been bought.The purging has begun. October twelfth is only eight weeks away… but, I can’t seem to do anything!
I come home from hanging out with my kindergarteners and want to do absolutely nothing.This may be because I am working seven days a week right now (five teaching kindergarten and two babysitting to make some extra $$ for the move). So, I am a little exhausted. But, why can’t I get motivated?I sincerely hope someone out there in cyber world has some good advice on this one because I can’t seem to start the process.Or, I hope one of those people who “claim” to love me unconditionally will come to my house and start packing.
If you would like to volunteer, please raise your hand.Also, I am not above bribery for packing’s sake.

The Introductions

After two years away from the 49th state I am finally returning! It has been months of job hunting and house hunting, but, the pieces are finally falling into place.  I found a great condo that allows me to keep both my boyfriend and my dog (double score!).  And, I found a great job as the Curriculum Director/Lead Teacher at a childcare center in Juneau. 

Over the next eight weeks Cody (the boyfriend), Specks (the dog), and I will be packing up our lives in Southern Illinois and preparing to move.  Some might think that this move should not take two months to prepare.  But, between selling our furniture, immunizing the dog, applying for passports (yes, we are attempting to drive), and saying goodbye to friends and family, we are staying mighty busy. 

 So, for the next eight weeks I will be writing about the misadventures and attempts to pack up our lives into one car and few shipping totes.  Then, the real fun will begin as Cody and I make the 3,000 mile drive to Prince Rupert, BC.  At …